BERAT'S ISLAND: Bringing back tradition values - Hotel in Berat [ Project made by Smeralda Lami ]

Without a doubt we can say that the city of Berat is a treasure of traditional architecture. Like a treasure deserves to be monitored and preserved, the city of Berat calls for special attention. Without the past, there can be no future. Consequently, the architecture of our country should feature all the stages through which it has passed

Inspiration for this project is the city of Berat itself and the concept begins precisely by the city. The intervention will consist in the creation of objects with reduced dimensions rather than in big. These small objects will be hotel rooms will resemble individual homes. In the conception of the houses I used the key elements that characterize tradition of Berat construction. Some of these elements are: quadratic forms, wooden windows, tiled roof, porch and chimney. By joining these elements is formed new module, which represents the heart of the home in Berat. To preserve the form of a square and the roof, I have given all a 45 degrees rotation. This intervention will serve as a new and interesting perspective.


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