The main projects of the city of Berat - oldest to newest [ Research by Smeralda Lami ]

In this photo its shown the Italian masterplan for the city of Berat. As old as this masterplan might be it has big values. We can see clearly the intervention they had in mind for the part of the island. That part its in very bad conditions now and needs some attentions. At the photo below its shown the actual situation of the city.

In the new masterplan done by the Israel Studio Lerman architects, the part of the island is connected with the city center. In this way a very attractive natural situation is changed. In this case its better the situation made from the Italian many years ago than the actual masterplan.

Lately in the municipality of Berat is placed a new project for the boulevard in the center. In this proposition it is changed the main axes of this boulevard. It is given a new straight line so you can enjoy the view of the traditional area from all the boulevard.


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